Freedom of Information Act Requests

Request for Work Calendar for the Solicitor's Office of the 13th Judicial Circuit

Response: The Solicitor’s calendar from June 1, 2017 through July 20, 2018 does contain publicly available information and is currently being reviewed. However, after consultation from Greenville County Information Systems, it has been determined that the calendar cannot be duplicated in an electronic format and include the necessary redactions. As a result, an identical hard copy of the requested calendar dates will be researched, printed and reviewed for purposes of responding to this request. Copies of the non-exempt public records responsive to this request will be provided to you on or before September 1, 2018.”

Calendar for the Solicitor's Office of the 13th Judicial Circuit (Greenville County and Pickens County) dated May 29, 2017 to July 22, 2018.

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Request for Specific Personal Expenditures Made by the Solicitor's Office

Response: The Solicitor’s Office is either in possession of, or can request copies of, publicly available non-exempt records partially responsive to this request. Some of the financial institutions do not maintain records beyond seven years (typically seven years), and our office does not have space available to store multiple years of banking records. The Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office manages over four dozen accounts maintained at multiple financial institutions, and your request would encompass more than two thousand individual monthly statements. The estimated cost for the research, redaction (where applicable), and copying of these records is approximately $25,090.00. This cost estimate includes $21,890.00 provided directly by the financial institutions in possession of the archived records being sought. A 25% initial deposit of $6,272.50 will be required in order to begin the research process.

Also, your FOIA request is specific to bank records. As a result, the accounts managed directly by Greenville County and Pickens County do not fall within the scope of this FOIA request. If your intention was to include those accounts, please advise and we will determine their availability. The Pickens County budget can also be found online on the Pickens County home page.”

Requests for expenses and outside services provided by law firms concerning State of South Carolina on the relation of William Walter Wilkins, III, Solicitor of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit vs. Elephant, Inc. and Frontage Road Associates, Inc.,

Response: The Solicitor’s Office does possess records responsive to this request. The estimated fee for research, retrieval, redaction, and corresponding copying costs associated with responding to this request is $80.00.

An additional 20 day extension of time is being requested within which to respond to this request. This extension of time will also to allow for a more detailed calculation of the cost for the research, retrieval, redaction and copying anticipated in responding to this request. Under S.C. Code 30-4- 30, requests for extensions should not be unreasonably withheld.”

Lucas' Responses to FOIA Request Responses by Solicitor's Office

“I am in receipt of your two letters addressing the FOIA request that was submitted to your office on July 20, 2018.

As I understand your reply dated August 2, 2018 addresses items that are either less than 24 months old or are not information that is kept by your office. Those items are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 8 (A). Of those requests, the ones numbered 1 and 8(A) will be researched and provided on or before September 1, 2018.

With respect to the remaining items in the July 20, 2018 request, you indicate that several of those requests are available and several will require additional time to research.

In order to limit what you deem a voluminous and overly broad request, I will more specifically tailor the request such that compliance with the timeframes in S.C. Code 30-4-10 et.seq can be made and therefor no extension of time will be necessary.”

Inability of Solicitor's Office to manage Platinum Plus investigation cost Greenville County taxpayers over $189,000 to date for work outsourced to Nelson Mullins.

Request for the number and names of trials that Walt Wilkins was lead counsel on for both Greenville and Pickens Counties from the dates of January 1, 2010 through the date of this request

“Response: Solicitor Wilkins has served as lead counsel on nine trial defendants listed below in Greenville and Pickens Counties from October, 2011 to September, 2018 (please note that Solicitor Wilkins did not take office until January, 2011).”

South Carolina Attorney General's Office issues opinion on disposition of weapons seized by
law enforcement.

“In addition to the penalty provided in this section, the handgun involved in the violation of this article must be confiscated. The handgun must be delivered to the chief of police of the municipality or to the sheriff of the county if the violation occurred outside the corporate limits of a municipality. The law enforcement agency that receives the confiscated handgun may use it within the agency, transfer it to another law enforcement agency for the lawful use of that agency, trade it with a retail dealer licensed to sell handguns in this State for a handgun or any other equipment approved by the agency, or destroy it.   A weapon must not be disposed of in any manner until the results of any legal proceeding in which it may be involved are finally determined.”

Greenville Police Department responds to FOIA request referencing threats made to Solicitor Walt Wilkins.

Mr. Marchant:

In response to your FOIA request to the City of Greenville Police Department received on November 4, 2018, I queried our law enforcement database (vConnect) and did not return any reports or other documentation related to death threats, threats of violence, harm, injury or assaults made to Solicitor William Walter Wilkins or his immediate family in 2013. My query included his name specifically and his known home address(es) within the City of Greenville at and around 2013.

If, however, an event was reported to have occurred inside the Greenville Courthouse, that report would have likely been taken by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, which is the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction for matters that occur within the courthouse.

Please note: I have no direct knowledge or reason to believe that any incident(s) occurred during this timeframe inside the Greenville Courthouse. I simply wanted to clarify the jurisdiction of both the City of Greenville Police Department and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department as it relates to your FOIA requests.

Thank  you.


 Donald B. Porter, Ed.D
Public Affairs Manager | Greenville Police Department |

Phone:  864-467-5022 | Mobile: 864-254-8611

Greenville City Police Department incident report dated 10/28/2013 concerning auto break-in at home of Solicitor Walt Wilkins.

“Wilkins stated that he parked his vehicle at approximately 1900 hours on 10-24-2013 next to his garage behind a closed privacy gate. Wilkins stated that  here was no real indiciation that his vehicle had been broken into except that it appeared as if the passenger front seat had been moved forward. Wilkins  stated that there were other valuable items visible in the vehicle that were not taken.”

Greenville County Sheriff's Office Incident concerning gun stolen from Lamar Cureton.

while working at the front desk I received a call from the victim who wanted to provide correct information on his stolen firearm, its serial number and a list of additional items that where stolen from his vehicle.
The victim stated that the stolen weapon was:
-A Ruger P938, .380, Serial number: 52A051964”

Greenville County Sheriff's Office Incident Report concerning recovery of stolen gun.

“I asked to see all of there hands and they complied. As I was speaking with Weems I asked him to place his hands on the head rest of the seat in front of him. As I was doing this I shined my flashlight into the vehicle and visually scanned. At this time I noticed a pistol (Sig Sauer P938) lying on the floor board directly at Weems feet.”

Greenville County Sheriff's Office responds to FOIA request referencing threats made to Solicitor Walt Wilkins.

Mr. Marchant, I have researched and was unable to find any documents related to any threats of violence or death regarding Walt Wilkins or any member of his family in 2013. There is no charge for this request as no records were found.

Thank you, Greta

Greta McIntyre

Legal Investigator

Office of Professional Responsibility

Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

4 McGee Street, Greenville, SC  29601


“Listen with compassion, speak with grace”

Greenville County Sheriff's Office resonds to records of report on stolen gun.

“In response, to your request, I will provide you with a CD-R disc of the redacted report (13-
131703) and related documents per the first part of your request. Also the second part of your request concerning the victim/owner of the gun, Lamar Cureton; redacted report, ( 13-131232) is on the CD-R disc. As permitted by S.C. Codes 30-4-40 (a) (4), I have exempted information of a personal nature which would be an invasion of personal privacy.”